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Xia Xiao also did not call Gao Jiaxing's name in front of Zheng Xianghong, thinking that Gao Jiaxing was the second son, and three years older than the original owner, she called out this high second brother, although there are some awkward, but Xia Xiao's heart is somewhat close to the idea. Now is 1960, these people return to the city to the end of the special period, and not everyone is eligible to go back, not everyone can go back, some people are through the college entrance examination back to the city. She had studied this period of history and knew that she would have to stay here for at least ten years after the resumption of the college entrance examination in 1977 and 1978. Ten years, ah, more than thirty years old, so Xia Xiao felt that it was necessary for her to have a good relationship with the Gao family, and now is also a good opportunity. She is a girl who goes to the countryside in a remote area. There are many good people and bad people in these villages. It is good for her to make friends with the Gao family. It's freezing. What are you doing outside the door? Come on in. As Zheng Xianghong spoke, he looked at the bag Xia Xiao was carrying in his hand and scolded him, saying, "So did Xia Zhiqing. He just came over. What else did he bring? He saved his life but not his life. Anyone would go to save him. You can take these back. It's not easy for you." Xia Xiao smiled, "Aunt Zheng, I am young, and I don't know too much,Small Geared Motors, but I know that if I don't have the second brother to save my life, I'm gone now, where can I stand here alive? My family doesn't know about this, otherwise I will come to thank the second brother for saving my life.". These gifts are just a little token of my appreciation. If Aunt Zheng lets me take them back like this, I'll be embarrassed to come next time. "That's what you city people pay attention to." Zheng Xianghong shook his head and welcomed Xia Xiao into the room. Xia Xiao and Zheng Xianghong entered the door, then put the white flour and sugar and ink on the table, she felt that the city and the countryside had nothing to do, but now Zheng Xianghong said,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, she also listened, but it is impossible to take back. She was thanking him for saving her life, not bribing him. Xia Xiao was still magnanimous. Smelly boy, what are you doing inside with the door closed? Why don't you come out when Xia Xiao comes? Zheng Xianghong shouted at the closed door, looking like he wanted to kick the door. Xia Xiao hurriedly said, "Aunt Zheng doesn't need it. I'll sit down and leave. Aunt Zheng will help me give the brush and ink to Gao Erge. I hope he can use it." Unfortunately, Xia Xiao did not stop, the door was kicked by Zheng Xianghong, kicked open with a bang. Such a tough Zheng Xianghong startled Xia Xiao, while Gao Jiaxing in the room was shirtless and was applying herbs. Mom, what are you doing? Gao Jiaxing also appeared on the face of dissatisfaction, saw Xia Xiao look over, but also some uncomfortable to move the body. But this time Gao Jiaxing's body was full of injuries, and he could see it no matter how he moved. Zheng Xianghong said, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,gear reduction motor, "You went to fight with others again. You said you didn't study hard all day long. I paid you to go there to waste money, didn't I?" Said Zheng Xianghong waved the broom by the door to hit Gao Jiaxing. Chapter 5 Hospitality "Aunt Zheng, Brother Gao still has wounds on his body." Xia Xiaoben also did not want to control, and some embarrassment, but Gao Jiaxing or life-saving benefactor, this will be with injuries, Xia Xiao can not watch Zheng Xianghong beat his son. If we go out, we don't have to worry about him. This smelly boy's fighting has become a common occurrence. It's strange that he doesn't come back with injuries one day. Xia Xiao will stay here for dinner today. Aunt will cook delicious food for you. I won't call you Xia Zhiqing. That's too strange. Zheng Xianghong pulled Xia Xiao to leave, Xia Xiao this will feel a little sorry, just met Gao Jiaxing at the door, because there are injuries on her body, let her leave quickly. But when she came to thank her, she could not leave like this. Zheng Xianghong is very enthusiastic and cheerful, but Xia Xiao may not be able to see it if he doesn't see the hot scene of Gao Jiaxing just now. Auntie, I don't have to eat. There's food in the team. Don't waste food. Xia Xiao hurriedly said. Why are you so polite to your aunt? You sit down quickly, and your aunt goes to eat dumplings. Now that you have come and brought so much white flour, you can taste your aunt's cooking. Zheng Xianghong said, carrying the white flour into the kitchen. Xia Xiao wanted to follow in, but was stopped by Zheng Xianghong and could only sit outside.
Looking at the pen and ink on the table, Xia Xiao thought that Gao Jiaxing would also take the medicine, so he picked it up and walked towards Gao Jiaxing's room. What have you brought? This time Gao Jiaxing had already dressed and sat at his desk and asked Xia Xiao. Xia Xiao put the brush and ink in his hand in front of him, "with some white flour and sugar, and brush and ink, this is for you to use." "Give me a piece of candy." Gao Jiaxing Road. Oh, Xia Xiao answered, went outside, broke off a piece of brown sugar and came in. Gao Jiaxing put it in his mouth, held it silently, and then opened his mouth, "I hit seven today." Xia Xiao: ".." What do you mean? He's showing off his achievements to her. Should she praise him? So Xia Xiao said, "That's awesome. Why do you want to fight?" "Those boys need to be beaten." Gao Jiaxing kept his lips shut again. Xia Xiao also did not know what to say, she did not know how to communicate with Gao Jiaxing, her previous life in addition to reading is to do housework, after middle school winter and summer vacation has been selling goods and clothes to earn pocket money. Before high school, her parents would help her pay tuition fees, but never give her pocket money. After a year, she had a new set of clothes and cloth shoes during the Spring Festival. She usually picked up the clothes and shoes that her brother didn't want to wear. If the family is poor, Xia Xiao will forget it, but in fact, when he was young, his parents were refinery workers, the family conditions were good, but the parents had the idea of son preference in their bones, unwilling to spend money on their daughter, but on their son, how much money they were willing to spend. So Xia Xiao can only earn his own pocket money. Can I read these books? Xia Xiao became curious about today's junior high school textbooks. "Whatever." Gao Jiaxing's face doesn't matter. Xia Xiao took Gao Jiaxing's books to read,Planetary Gear Motor, including Chinese, algebra, English.. It's not difficult for her to breathe a sigh of relief. Don't you want to repay me for saving my life? Gao Jiaxing suddenly said.