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Falling Honghuo (15th Dec 22 at 12:25am UTC)
"Don't.." Say "Yes!" Hei Jingwei spoke word by word, and each word seemed to weigh more than a thousand. As soon as she bit her lip, blood gushed from it. Hei Jingwei hung his head and looked at the baby in his robe. "Where is my treasure?" He asked with a sharp look in his eyes? Did he just die? Li Chang was at a loss for words, which was a topic that could not be bypassed after all. It took him a lot of effort to say with difficulty: "We will have children!" " When he said this, he looked sideways at the sky and dared not look at the Black Jingwei. Ha ha ha Hei Jingwei laughed and said, "Yes!"! You'll have other children! There will be plenty of wives and concubines, if you live through the night! "What on earth do you want?"? Feather! Li Chang did not seem to be begging for anything. It seemed that what he was doing at this time was meaningless, but that decades of upbringing had gone deep into his bones, making him unable to escape. What I want is very simple, Li Chang! Hei Jingwei pointed his sword at Li Xu, who couldn't dodge, and said, "You go and kill him, and I'll go. I won't kill any more of your Li family. How about that?" Li Chang shook his head, which was also very stiff. "He's my own brother," he said! My mother gave birth to him at the age of forty, and she loved him more than her life! "Love more than life?"? Yes, that's right! I love treasure far more than my own life, more than the lives of all the people in the world! My own brother! Yes, my own brother! Hei Jingwei said with a mournful smile,ultrasonic generator driver, "Qingyao has been with me since he was ten years old. He's the same as my own brother. But if he wants to hurt my treasure, I'll kill him. I'll kill him myself." "Sure enough!" Shen Qingying shouted. Almost out of the sword, it can be seen that Li Xinyan stared, and he finally endured it. Li Chang, since I am determined to go with you, I don't want anything. He Gong treated me like a biological father, but I killed him. Qingyao respected me like a sister. I killed him with my own hands! And you, and you,ultrasonic handheld welder, you are finally a member of the Li family, aren't you? In your mind, the life of the Li family is more precious than me and Baoer, isn't it? Hei Jingwei's eyes sparkled, and his words were as sharp as an arrow. Under such questioning, Li Chang really could not speak, but could not but say. As if he had just grabbed a shield to ward off the powerful bow and arrow from his chest, he said hurriedly, "But I didn't ask you to kill him!" As soon as the words came out, he kept his mouth shut. "It's over," said Gu Chengxin! This is as wrong as it can be! Sure enough, the bright light of the last star also disappeared in the depths of the pupil. The world suddenly darkened in Hei Jingwei's eyes. She dropped her feet and roared wildly: "Good!"! You said it well! As soon as she grabbed her head with her hand, her hat fell off with a piece of face skin, and her long hair flowed like the wind and flew freely. Seeing that the situation was not good, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, Li Xinyan shouted, "Kill!" The seven swords came out together, and Hei Jingwei kicked on Shen Qingying's sword and flew high. The swords of Li Xinyan and Feng Lao touched her body one after the other, and the yellow leather robe was neatly cut open, and the grassy black veil was pulled out of it, as if a moth had broken its cocoon and emerged. After many years, I finally saw such black clothes and black hair again! In the darkness of the night, the long hair of the gauze clothes raised high whirled in the air, like a lotus flower with heavy petals blooming with rain in the pool where the blood of the world's poisonous demons gathered. Out of the black lotus petals was a pale lotus pod, which was her face, so white that it was completely colorless, but so beautiful that it was breath-taking. In such a rapid rotation, Gu Cheng clearly saw two drops of tears falling on her cheeks, tears shining, reflecting a golden light. It seems that when the flowers bloom, the raindrops tremble and fall. This light disappeared in an instant, and Gu Cheng felt that the whole world had fallen into a ghost land. She hung her head slightly, and the baby was firmly tied to her chest, so she was relieved and smiled. Gu Cheng looked at this scene in his eyes and thought, "She really went back!" The moment Gu Cheng was hit by the Black Jingwei on the bank of Luoma Lake, he thought that the Black Jingwei was still the same Black Jingwei. Neither her scheming nor her martial arts have changed. If the elder sister treats you like a distinguished guest, that's all.
With the people who really love each other, even if the whole world is against them, it is just a breeze, even if they die at the moment, they can still live in the afterlife. Then I really can't come back. But if she sees you to start-Gu eldest brother, be careful of her absolute pulse finger, these two red love pills you keep-that is to say, she is afraid, she does not believe that she and Li Chang are really stronger than gold unshakable, she is afraid that a little bit of twists and turns outside will disturb her marriage! In that case, she will come back sooner or later. Only those whose childlike heart has not disappeared can love each other without regret. Brother Gu, my elder sister, she can't do it. It's not possible. "I've done so much for you, why can't you do that for me." Gu Cheng thought: "With such a heart of comparison, the meaning of struggle, then this affection is just so so.". Hei Jingwei, Li Chang, do you think you can retire from Jianghu as soon as you withdraw? Can you retreat from the world's rivers and lakes, and from the rivers and lakes in your heart? Gu Cheng's thinking was so calm, so calm that he hated himself. In fact, he should feel some pain, but the pain can not rise, only a touch of sadness. And in this sadness, there are many things that hurt their kind,ultrasonic spray nozzle, for the sake of being the same as them, who can never get out of Jianghu. The sound of the flute under the spring moon and the peony flowers is just a few words over and over again, but there are thousands of feelings that make people ecstatic. fycgsonic.com
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