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Midnight Hades Marriage: The Ghost Husband Is Cute (15th Dec 22 at 12:26am UTC)
"By the way, what's the ghost saint up there?" "The ghost emperor, but that's impossible. The King of Hell may not have the cultivation of the ghost emperor." Qin Shouhun waved his hand carelessly and suddenly said, "But speaking of it, after a while, I also want to go to the city of the underworld." What are you going to do? All of us looked at Qin Shou and asked almost in unison, "Do you have a waist card?" Qin Shou disdained to smile: "Cut, waist card that kind of thing is not a matter of minutes and seconds. It is said that many Xuanmen in the world, which have been passed down for a hundred years, will have this kind of waist card. It is a city of the underworld, a kind of praise for Xuanmen in the world." All the Xuanmen in the world. More than a hundred years of inheritance, get a piece of the waist card of the underworld city, unexpectedly want to use the word lift. I had to refresh the height of Hades again. That is to say, I also have the corpse driving clan? Ye Qun was surprised. Qin Shou nods: "Theoretically, should be some, you make a phone call to ask to know, the palm of a school, can't know nothing." Ye Qun immediately made a phone call to Ye Yuntian. Did not think,outdoor palm trees, this question, really have. Then my Su family also has it! I follow good advice. There should be. But even if there is, it is estimated that it will not come to me. I haven't said what you're going to do in Hades after a while. To get back to the point, we asked Qin Shou curiously again. "Don't mention it," Qin Shou said with a wave of his hand. "It wasn't the disaster caused by the longevity immortal wood last time. I wanted to give the coffin to my grandfather, but I was scolded by the old man. He said what to do with the coffin. He didn't die, and he didn't expect to come back to life even if he died. It's enough for me to spend my whole life early. I might as well exchange the coffin for something useful." I nodded my head. Qin Shou's grandfather is very bright. Death has its own turn to come back,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, do not expect to live forever, a lifetime is enough. A rare man of great understanding. Then listen to Qin Shou Hei Hei a smile, "and the world, Yin and Yang two realms, can take out the same treasure, with my Shouxian wood to do business, also the city of the underworld." This is the time to listen to Rong Qi also nodded: "Indeed, a long time ago, I also heard that the city of the underworld specializes in barter, I heard that there are many treasures in the city of the underworld, as long as outsiders can come up with the same value, or what the city wants, can be exchanged." Qin Shou nodded. That's what it means. My grandfather has a special informant in the underworld. It seems that after a period of time, decorative palm trees ,large artificial blossom trees, there will be a big event in Hades. As long as you hold what Hades wants, you can take any treasure from Hades, including.. Blood Bodhi. One last word. Rong Qi's eyes were obviously bright. I took a big risk when I took the corpse-eating pill. I'm afraid Rong Qi would have felt uneasy about this problem when he made this plan for me. But now that he has the news of Blood Bodhi, he must be willing to try. Even if it's just for me to suffer less. So what does Hades want? Ye Qun asked. Qin Shou shook his head: "Hades is a place with a very strange attitude. They have almost all the treasures in the world, but they are still exchanging what they want with the world, but they never specify what they want. So many people who go to Hades are mostly lucky. If they like your treasures, they will naturally give you what you want. If they don't like them, Just how you come and how you come back. "Is there such a place?" I said in surprise. Qin Shou raises eyebrow: "Rise posture." Ye Qun added, "It's better to have a way now than to have no way. Even if you take a chance, at least you have to touch it. Last time I was in the corpse village, since Miaomiao's father mentioned it, I must have been trying to find a way for Miaomiao." Ye Qun is right. My father is the type of person who does nothing but talk. Now that he is willing to open his mouth and say it, he is probably already planning for me to go to the city of the underworld to exchange blood for Bodhi. After drinking the couple set meal, we chatted with Qin Shouye Qun for almost an afternoon. Later, I bought a kite and flew with Rong Qi for more than an hour. I just went back to the house. As soon as I entered the house, on the bright floor, the old madman was idle and the grass was growing. Son, you finally came back.
” As soon as the old madman saw Rong Qi, he was like a fly seeing meat. All kinds of tears filled his eyes. He was very excited and promised again and again: "Son, Dad listens to you very much. Dad hasn't gone out all day, and the house is well cleaned up. You see, you see, the floor is wiped.." "Be good." Rong Qi touched the head of the old madman. Throw the couple's set meal drinks to him, the old madman is happy like what, "son smashed, you are too filial, father is hungry, father saw the person in the small black box, eating, father swallowed and spat, I knew you would bring me delicious food when you came back, hey, how did this snack break.." "That's the shape I asked the cake maker to set for you." "Son, my father endures you." “……” It was squashed in the car. Why is the TV broken? There's a notch on the screen.. I looked at the black screen of the TV strangely, and there was still thick saliva in the strange groove. The old madman bowed his head to show that he had not heard. Rong Qi, look at me. Let me look at Rong Qi. I'm convinced. If you can lick the screen to this level, your father will be able to soar. Two more days passed like this. The old madman is conscious after all. It's barely a living thing, and you can't always hold it like this. If something happens, it's too late. So once in a while we'd take the old lunatic for a walk in a nearby park or something. But. The idea is perfect, but the reality is always cruel, and finally something happens. Once it was rare to take the old madman out to the supermarket,fake ficus tree, but the old man's crotch was stuffed with food slowly, thanks to Rong Qi's early discovery. A well-intentioned persuasion. Dad, we're not short of money. The old madman was wronged and refused to go out anyway. hacartificialtree.com
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