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The Journey of Flower (Up and Down) (Internet name (15th Dec 22 at 12:30am UTC)
"Mo Yan, I will never let what happened eighty years ago happen again, even if I do my best to protect her.". Don't play tricks with me again. My patience is limited. The reason why I only forced you not to start a war for so long is that I am afraid that the little one is difficult to do. Otherwise, even if I rescue her, she will be angry and ignore me. I know what you're up to, but I don't care. Don't think that I will let her go if I take this girl as the apprentice of the little one. I'll give you five more days. That's the deadline. When the time comes to kill this girl, destroy your long stay in the mountains, and capture the whole fairy world, I don't believe I can't save her out of the wilderness! Mo Yan snorted coldly, "Do you think you still have this ability now?"? It's just because there are so many people. Come out and fight me now if you can. "You are not qualified!" Shaqianmo scolded contemptuously, and even his voice was very cool and gorgeous. Mo Yan felt a burst of anger, his hands were imprinted, and a huge wave of light came out. The surrounding sea water was sucked back, rolling and roaring into the sky, rushing towards the demon. With a wave of his long sleeves, the cold air seemed to freeze the light in the air. Haobai turned over his wrist, flicked his slender fingertips, and immediately smashed all the glass. The two of them were far apart, and after a few moves in midair,digital touch screen board, Mo Yan became more and more frightened, and his eyebrows became deeper and deeper. In terms of cultivation, we should be bold and unconstrained and insolent, and we should be calm and restrained. Although the momentum is not better than him, it is more durable than him. And Shaqianmo has always been conceited, straight in the war, it is better to have a degree of advance and retreat,interactive boards for classrooms, the heart is calculating. So even if the strength may not be as good as killing Qianmo, it is not difficult to beat him. But this time I looked again, but I didn't expect that in less than a year, his cultivation had increased so much. He also healed the wound for Zihua, and his vitality was greatly damaged. The Third Younger Martial Brother was always lazy and did not like to practice. He was afraid that he was no match for him. If there is a real war, with his strength, staying for a long time is really in danger. Shaqianmo, since you are a demon king, you should think more about the two realms. Why bother to think so much about it and fight rashly for a little woman? "What's the point of me being this demon king again if I can't even guard what I want to guard again and again?" "It's been eighty years now, and you still have it in your heart." "I didn't blame you for that, nor did I bother anyone about it. I only blamed myself.". But this time, it's not up to you. "Hum, Hua Qiangu's immortal body was abandoned, smart board interactive whiteboard ,smart board whiteboard, and her tendons and veins were picked. This is something that everyone in the world knows. Do you think she still has a life if she is exiled to the wilderness like this?"? Maybe there's no body left. What do you want to give you for a long time? "Joke, I can't feel her breath, but the test stone still reacts.". In short, live to see people, die to see corpses! Shaqianmo's voice was full of anger. If he knew that the little one was dead at the moment, where would he need so much care? He would have to leave the whole mountain with her! "My request is very simple, return Hua Qiangu, and then let Bai Zi draw it, let me cut one hundred and one swords, this matter is over." "Well, it's just a dream.". If you want Changliushan to hand over, go through me first! Mo Yan flew up, muttering in his mouth, and countless huge purple seals pressed against the demon. He also clapped his hands again and again in front of the lotus couch in Shaqianmo. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Sheng Xiaomo rushes over to try to rescue Youruo. There was a sudden murderous look in the lotus couch, and with a flash of silver, the music was forced back, and all the sea water around it turned into ice. Feeling the unusual smell of blood, Mo Yan frowned. The demon soul is broken, how can you practice such sorcery? They only smelled the smell of blood getting heavier and heavier, and there was a sweet and greasy smell in the smell, which made people dizzy and sick. As soon as Shaqianmo thought that Hua Qiangu's tendons and veins had been picked up and were in danger in the wilderness, he could not rescue her, and the anxiety and guilt in his heart became more and more intense. That's all. In the future, she will hate herself or blame herself. If she destroys Changliu Mountain and captures Moyan and Bai Zihua today, she won't believe that she can't be saved. He clenched his fists and was about to make a move when he heard a sharp whistle in his ears. It's clearly the one he gave to the little one.
How could he mishear the voice of his own bones, though he could not be heard far away! Has the little one come out of the wilderness? Impossible, for thousands of years, no one can escape from there! But who has that bone whistle? There was a surprise in his heart, and he could not care much more, so he flew out. Mo Yan thought he was finally going to do it, so he concentrated on his guard, and his True Qi soared. But did not expect to see a flash of red figure in front of me, killing fields into the sky, and disappeared in an instant. What's wrong? Run away? Yunyi and others were also puzzled and looked at the Spring and Autumn Invincible. Spring and Autumn Invincible hate iron does not become steel shook his head and sighed and made a gesture to let everyone stay put for a while. How could Mo Yan miss such an opportunity and come forward to take people away. But with the hostages in hand, the demons were not willing to let them easily rescue Youruo. Still turning into a poisonous snake, the dogwood quickly wrapped around Youruo's neck and hissed out the snake letter. Mo Yan had to give up. So the two sides were deadlocked again. Shaqianmo, like an arrow from the bowstring, flew to the Flower Island where he used to meet Hua Qiangu. There were formations and screens on the island that seemed to be trying to cover up something, and Shaqianmo had no doubt that he had stepped in directly. Originally only holding a glimmer of hope, even if not see the little one, but also to see who is holding the whistle he gave her blowing in that, but did not expect to see Hua Qiangu stepping on the ice and snow to run towards him,interactive whiteboard for schools, suddenly jumped into his arms. Shaqianmo was stunned in place, and the whole person froze. Tiny?! Is it really her? The scene that I thought about day and night for a whole year happened so simply? The world has become unreal. Are you daydreaming? Or who used the illusion to confuse him? Or what trick did Moyan use to set him up? "Sister." I heard the little guy in my arms shivering and hugging him and sobbing loudly, and the hot breath spurted in my neck. He was at a loss and didn't know what to say. hsdsmartboard.com
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