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Swim with your heart (15th Dec 22 at 12:36am UTC)Quote Reply
According to the situation just now, the world's'Lan Xinyu 'identity is extraordinary, a landlord can actually intervene in the country's war, things seem not simple. And I this foreign'blue rain 'occupied the body of others, do not solve something for others, it seems that it is not justified, it seems that it can not escape. Ho Ho, I like to have something to do. I don't like to be comfortable, but I don't like to be busy either. I like to have a goal to achieve for a period of time, and then devote myself to competition, pursuit and competition. That kind of pleasure will be exciting and exciting. After completing the goal, I will want a period of undisturbed, free time and space to indulge myself. But that once I, but can not choose, even by the family's huge industry pressure breathless, also dare not take it lightly, give yourself a chance to indulge willfully, because I do not want the three words of Lan Xinyu to be engraved on the stone tablet. I admit that I like power, like money, like luxury, like the sense of superiority over others, like challenges, like competition, in short, I admit that I am not a person who can always enjoy a comfortable life. However,Calacatta Quartz Slab, occasionally I need a free and quiet space to balance it. Think of the previous life, Yun Qi's figure subconsciously appeared in the mind. I remember when we had just passed our twenty-second birthday, the parents of the two families began to nag and urge our wedding. At that time, I had already kept my young master in several of my apartments, as well as my lover and bed companion, all of which Yunqi knew. And Yunqi's women are no less than my men. Our relationship, how to say, we are intimate lovers, friends,White Marble Mosaic, brother and sister. We appreciate each other, but we will never admit it. We support each other. When one of us is in trouble, we rely on each other. When we are in a bad mood and need someone to talk to. I remember when we were together, no matter what happened, we would never forget, and we would never give in to each other. A Yun (I wanted to call him a Qi, but it sounded like he was blowing, so I gave up) Ah, when I came home for dinner last weekend, my mother gave me another long speech. I'm bored to death! I picked up my glass and shook it. Yesterday, my father also asked me when I would have a wedding with you, and I had a headache. Yun Qi took a graceful puff of the cigar, then spit it out slowly, and then threw a wink at the beautiful woman on the table next to her. This is Yun Qi, who is always lazy and elegant in front of people, and who can never forget flirting everywhere. Get married! I looked at the glass and said helplessly. Ok Yun Qi flicked the ash gently. Ture I leaned forward and squinted at him. I'm absolutely serious. Yun Qi also leaned over and looked into my eyes and answered firmly. I grabbed the cigar from Yunqi's hand, took a puff, Agate Slabs Countertops ,Agate Slabs For Sale, and then slowly exhaled the smoke on Yunqi's face, smiling charmingly and saying, "Sanqi!" Yun Qi took my glass, took a sip, then stopped my chin, seductive lips against mine, put the wine into my mouth, and opened a charming smile, "46!" We looked at each other with a light smile, and then sat back in the chair at the same time. I looked up and smoked a cigar. Yunqi looked at the beautiful woman at the next table and drank Martini. It was as if nothing had happened. Whenever the topic of marriage is mentioned, our conversation is always like this. 'Sanqi 'Is my minimum, that is, after we get married, three parts of the total property of the Lan family and the Xiang family will be managed by me, and the remaining seven parts will be taken care of by him. And Yun Qi's bottom line is' 46 ', he is four, I am six. At this point, because we have not reached an agreement, so our wedding date has been delayed. Yun Qi is a very attractive man, 1.87 meters tall, white skin, thick and slender eyebrows, a pair of dark and unfathomable eyes like the night sky, as if they can inhale the soul of people, let you forget yourself, thin lips are always slightly raised, with a faint smile. Yunqi at the banquet is always the prince that women admire, and of course I am the princess that men love.
He is always so dazzling at the banquet, no matter where he goes, people will automatically give way, and I have a strong impulse to want him. When the party was over and we went back to my private apartment and lay wearily on the comfortable big bed together, my impulse was still there. I would climb on Yunqi, sit up and grab his tie. "Ah Yun, let's do it!" "Yes!" Yun Qi threw a gorgeous wink, and then "46!" I suddenly deflated and lay on Yunqi feebly, "Humph!" Slander in the heart, stingy! And Yunqi is also suffering over there. After a while, Yun Qi hugged me and turned around to hold me under his body, and said in his seductive voice in my ear, "Ah Yu, let's do it!" Feeling the strong desire of his body, I licked his earlobe with the tip of my tongue, "OK, Ah Yun, you say do it, let's do it!" Then I bit his ear gently and provocatively with my teeth, "but-Sanqi!" Watching him put his head on my chest in frustration, I suddenly felt funny and pushed him aside with both hands. Then we lay quietly on the bed. We are always like this, and neither of us will give in. I want him, he wants me, and we both know it. Strange to say, we've always been able to kiss each other, shower together, sleep in the same bed, but we don't have Sex. No,white marble mosaic, once, but apart from that time, we never had each other again. forustone.com
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