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Gold floating map (15th Dec 22 at 12:37am UTC)Quote Reply
He knew that even with the help of kungfu, it would be very difficult to open the evil shark soup in such stormy waves. Immediately without hesitation into the water, a set of transport capacity, the boat dripped away, and the evil shark happened to brush the side of the ship, really can not afford to send, dangerous to the extreme. Should not change the direction of the boat in such a surging sea, to know that the boat can not turn over is already a very lucky thing, so Xue Ling this last resort has caused the risk of capsizing the boat. But a huge wave suddenly gushed out of the water seven or eight feet high and swept it like thunder. When the boat rose to the peak of the huge wave, it was still strong enough to be thrown into the air. Xue Ling said to himself, "You must be calm. You must keep the boat no matter what. Otherwise, you will be buried in the belly of the fish.." As he talked to himself to comfort himself, the boat had turned over in the air and buckled down to the sea like a long wooden plate. Xue Ling grasped the wooden oar and suddenly jumped up as the boat turned over. At that time, he kicked the side of the boat with both feet to strengthen the power of the boat to turn over. In his busy schedule, he stole a glance and saw the boat turn over in the air, just when it hit the sea, it turned over completely, so it resumed the posture of the boat floating on its back in the water. However, he himself fell to the sea two feet away, and his eyes were everywhere, and seven or eight ferocious sharks were whirling around. The sharks weren't waiting for him to fall, but it didn't take more than a second for him to be torn to pieces by their sharp teeth. Xue Ling could not allow any thought to turn in his heart. Seeing a huge shark suddenly jumping through the water, he unconsciously touched the head of the shark with the wooden oar tightly grasped in his right hand. As soon as the oar touched the head of the fish, a very strong force came back. Xue Ling's heart suddenly jumped, and he quickly took a breath of True Qi. With the force of this shock, he flew up with a whoosh, and then slanted down to the boat. When his feet reached the planks of the boat again, it felt like a lifetime ago, but the terrible nightmare continued. The baleen whale was savaged by the hungry sharks. The sea breeze was filled with the smell of blood, and although it used its huge tail and huge mouth to fight back, it had little effect, so the water column from its nostrils was even more intense, and it was in the air. Four times the canoe was thrown out of the sea by a sudden wave, because the whale was very close to the canoe, so there were many waves formed by thousands of strong Rapids in the sea. Fortunately, every time Xue Ling calmly used his pure martial arts to fix the boat and prevent it from turning over. A huge shark fell into the water in front of the boat. Its strong tail hit the bow of the boat. There was a loud noise. Xue Ling thought the boat had dispersed. He fixed his eyes on it. Fortunately, only a little of the bow was destroyed, and it didn't matter. As soon as Xue Ling looked around, there were many vicious sharks in all directions, and the huge whale like a hill was several feet away, and the sea was roaring and deafening. He quickly saw clearly that he was now facing a desperate situation. Because of the Rapids and whirlpools made by baleen whales and sharks, no boat could rush out. Besides, there was always a danger of capsizing the boat at this moment, and it was impossible to steer the boat at all. Secondly, he also saw the huge baleen whale being bitten by the vicious sharks, which made him feel a sense of injustice in his chest, Agate Stone Price ,Granite Slab Supplier, and he wanted to pull out the sword on his back and let go to kill the sharks for a while. In the twinkling of an eye, he suddenly had an inspiration and thought quickly, "Yes, I am desperate to get out of danger. If I want to kill the sharks to get rid of the bad breath in my chest, there is a way." This thought, which was entirely of revenge and of doing his best to get rid of harm, made him no longer think about his own safety, and in fact, it was impossible to do both. The baleen whales came closer, and seven or eight giant sharks leapt out of the water and mingled in the air. With a long roar in Xue Ling's mouth, the wooden oar was handed over to his left hand, and his right hand quickly pulled out a sharp sword, shining out a dense cold awn, and drew up in the air. He rose with his sword and stabbed three giant sharks in midair. In another place, he hit one with a wooden oar. He could have used the heavy skill of his own family to split the shark with his sword. Although the shark skin was tough and not very afraid of the sword, when he met such a master of his own family, he could not escape the fate of broken skin and bones.
But Xue Ling had considered that the sword in his hand was a stubborn iron. If he chopped it with a heavy technique, he could kill the evil shark immediately, but at most he would have to break it and destroy it. And he wanted to kill it for a while. How could he destroy the weapon in his hand. So he turned to dexterity, and each sword pierced the shark's eye, so that he could use the sharpness of the sword instead of the blade, and even if he stabbed a thousand times in a row, he would not destroy the sword. The wooden oar in his left hand also used the ingenuity of the straight poke to avoid breaking it at once. Four of the vicious sharks he hit fell down together, two of them hit the boat, and in the loud noise, the boat had split into countless pieces. Xue Ling's body flew straight to the whale, and in an instant it landed on its body like a hill. As soon as his feet touched the whale's body, he found that the whale's body was very slippery and difficult to stand. If he moved to the top of his back, it would be easy to stand, but he was too far away from the water to kill the vicious shark. Relying on his martial arts, Xue Ling moved his center of gravity as he watched the whale writhing and swaying. He would not slip into the water for a while. On the one hand, he saw the huge fins protruding from his front and came up with a solution. You should know that the baleen whale, also known as the right whale, has a vast body, six or seven feet long, and when its back is exposed to the surface of the water, it really looks like a hill. Its head is huge, occupying about one third of its body, its mouth is huge and toothless, but its upper jaw has more than 360 fibrous hard sheets, each of which is eight or nine feet long, like a huge door panel. Although its mouth is big, but the throat is very narrow, can only swallow some smaller food, it is very convenient to find food, as long as a big mouthful of sea water, and then through the teeth of the sea water out, food will remain in the mouth. Baleen whales have no dorsal fins. Their pectoral fins are below the back of their eyes, and part of them are always out of the water. What Xue Ling saw was the upper end of the pectoral fins. He took a breath of True Qi, and while the whale was rising,pietra gray marble, he jumped to the ground and landed in a slight depression behind his eyes. He stretched out one foot to hang on the root of his fin. Although it was still not easy for him to stand firm, there were still many things that he could exert his strength on, which made him feel much more reliable as a person with strong martial arts. forustone.com
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