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Nian Chun Gui [Feng Tui] (15th Dec 22 at 12:38am UTC)Quote Reply
Mu yuanchun is much calmer, the vision slightly looks around, then focused the attention on the color plain elegant light clothing material. She is well aware of her own merits. The appearance is outstanding enough, and the temperament is graceful and moving. Bright colors are dazzling, but they are not suitable for you. Zhang and Wu are also picking up their own clothing materials, from time to time in a low voice to exchange a few words of experience, the atmosphere is very harmonious. Once in a while, Zhang looked back and saw Mu Nianchun standing in a daze. He was surprised: "Nianchun, what are you doing standing there?". Come here quickly. Mu Nianchun smiled, walked to Zhang's side, casually looked twice, pointed to the goose-yellow silk satin, and pointed to the light pink: "I will pick these two pieces of clothing.". Just make the style according to the latest style. The attitude is simply perfunctory and can not be more perfunctory. Zhang gave her a slightly reproachful look and said, "You didn't even try. How do you know these two pieces of clothing are suitable?". Pick and choose more carefully. Look at Mu Wanchun and Mu yuanchun, both of them are in high spirits. Mu Nianchun's attitude is too cold. Going to the Lotus Banquet is such a big event that it should be treated with caution. By Zhang Shi said so, Mu Nianchun also noticed that his performance was different, busy to cheer up. Smiling to try one after another,inflatable bounce house with slide, specially pulled Mu Wanchun Mu yuanchun to consult. In a word, be sure to show a positive attitude to satisfy your mother! After working for a long time, the three sisters each ordered four new clothes. Zhang and Wu also ordered two suits. Zhang specifically told the shopkeeper: "Be sure to send the new clothes within 20 days, absolutely can not delay." The shopkeeper immediately answered with a smile, "Don't worry, madam. It will be delivered on time in half a month. It will not delay the young ladies of your house to go to the banquet.". To tell you the truth, we have received several orders of business in the past two days. I have to go to Yongning Hou Fu this afternoon,inflatable amusement park, and I have to go to Pingyuan Hou Fu tomorrow. Apparently, Yongning Hou Fu and Pingyuan Hou Fu also received invitations to the lotus banquet. When Mu Nianchun heard the four words of Yongning Hou Fu, his heart moved quietly. Lu Zhan, the Marquis of Yongning, had two sons, both concubines. The only legitimate daughter is her daughter, whose maiden name is Lu Wushuang. This Miss Lu has been spoiled and spoiled since she was a child. She is arrogant and self-willed. She is famous among the noble girls in the capital. What impressed Mu Nianchun most was that Miss Lu fell in love with the King of Qi at first sight and insisted on not marrying the King of Qi. The Marquis of Yongning loved his daughter so much that when the emperor wanted to choose a concubine for the king of Qi, he brazenly begged the emperor. The emperor thought it was a good marriage, so he issued an imperial decree to marry. The birth mother of the king of Qi was born in a humble family, and it was really a good thing for the king of Qi to have such a marriage and a Yue family with a large number of troops. Miss Lu finally got her wish and married into the palace in style and became the princess of Qi. Unfortunately, less than a month after the marriage, the emperor was seriously ill and soon died. The vassal kings rushed back to the capital, inflatable amusement park ,inflatable castle with slide, and the prince was assassinated before he could officially ascend the throne, and the young grandson succeeded to the throne. After that, the war lasted for two years. The princess of Qi also had a short life. She lived in fear every day and soon became seriously ill and died. However, her death did not attract much attention. At that time, in troubled times, everyone felt insecure, who was still in the mood to pay attention to the life and death of a princess? Mu Nianchun also heard Yongning Hou Fu, just remembered this Miss Lu. At this lotus feast, she will meet the future Princess of Qi. Chapter 42 clothing (2). Updated September 27, 2014 8:03:56 Words: 2195 Tomorrow will be on the strong push, from tomorrow every day two more ~ O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ --------------- In the afternoon, the people from Ruyi Building came. There were boxes full of jewelry on the table, all kinds of gold hairpins, jade hairpins, earrings, rings, collars and so on, piled up together, shining and dazzling. Women naturally have no resistance to jewelry. Even Mu yuanchun, who had always been reserved, came to the table and looked at it with great interest. With the experience of the morning, Mu Nianchun is also inconvenient to show too detached, pretending to be interested in the past. Judging every piece of jewelry. Mu Wanchun soon fell in love with a hairpin.
This hairpin is exquisitely made, with a ruby inlaid on its head. Even in the room, it gives off a brilliant light. Wearing it on the hairline, the pretty face is very ruddy. Mu Wanchun looked at herself in the mirror and liked it very much. The shopkeeper said with a smile, "Third Miss really has a good eye.". The ruby inlaid on this hairpin is a rare treasure. Only our Ruyilou can make such a delicate hairpin. "Mother, I want this hairpin." Mu Wanchun said happily. Wu answered with a smile and ordered the waiter to leave the hairpin. The waiter answered quickly and wrote down on a piece of paper: a ruby hairpin with a silver tattoo of fifty taels. Zhang took a glance and immediately felt a pain in his flesh. Fifty taels of silver is already the cost of a yard for a month. Look at Mu Wanchun's posture, today is more than just picking this.. Before she could finish thinking, Mu yuanchun came over with a smile: "Mother, my daughter picked this jade bracelet." The best jade bracelet is green and crystal clear, with eighty taels of silver. Zhang Shi is a burst of flesh pain, but squeezed out a smile to answer. Then he began to choose jewelry for Mu Nianchun wholeheartedly. It was rare for Zhu to take the initiative to add jewelry to his granddaughters, but he could not let Mu yuanchun and Mu Wanchun take the lead. You have to choose the most expensive and best jewelry for your baby daughter anyway. As a result, Mu Nianchun soon had a jade hairpin, a red gold collar, a sapphire bracelet, and a pair of jade earrings. ...... "Mother, I really don't need so much jewelry." Mu Nianchun looked at the shining girl in the mirror,inflatable floating water park, both heartwarming and helpless: "Moreover, these kinds of jewelry are expensive, adding up to hundreds of taels of silver.". Grandmother will not be very happy if she knows. 。 joyshineinflatables.com
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