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Future Gourmet and Rich Family's Favourite Marriag (5th Dec 22 at 2:10am UTC)Quote Reply
Ling Xuan is not absolutely sure, the worst result, but also failed, later again. It's just that it's going to take a long time for him to be promoted to marshal, and he still hopes to succeed at one time. Ling Xuan said calmly, "Yes, I'll grant you a three-month vacation. If not, you won't have any extra vacation for the next three years." Ling Xuan where can not see, Cheng Bin specifically asked him and Luo Wenhui to take a vacation together, obviously want the young couple to go to the world of two people. Because before in the tower worm star field, Cheng Bin was once in distress, suffered a very serious injury, although not fatal, rescue is also very timely, but Cheng Bin lost too much blood pale and weak appearance, or let the military doctor Luo Wenhui mercilessly worried. Cheng Bin is very scheming to take the opportunity to express courtship again, meaning that Luo Wenhui does not agree to be with him, he would rather give up treatment, simply die. This trick is learned from Ling Xuan. Although the routine is old, it is very useful. If Luo Wenhui had no intention at all, she would not have been entangled with Cheng Bin for so many years. She did not agree before,Wall Penstocks, but because of the frequent wars, she was afraid that one day she would hear the news that her lover had died on the battlefield. Seeing that after the war in the Star Domain of the Tower Worm was pacified, it would usher in a long and peaceful period of time, Luo Wenhui also half-pushed and half-agreed. If Ling Xuan fails to propose, of course, he is not willing to let his adjutant and good friend take his lover out to have a good time! Cheng Bin touched his nose and said with a smile, "It seems that you can only succeed,Lamella Plate Settler, but you can't fail." Of course he has to gamble on a ninety-nine percent chance of winning. Ling Xuan personally gave Ling Yaoyao the invitation ticket for the general's medal ceremony. After dinner, Ling Xuan on the pretext of military affairs, later or to return to the military dormitory. This is to better prepare the details of the proposal. Ling Yaoyao some disappointed, Ling Xuan came back nearly a week, only the first day is left, and then today came to eat a meal. Usually only one video per day. Ling Yaoyao knows, with the identity of Ling Xuan, busy is affirmative, separate is also normal. Know to know, now is in the period of love, also in the imperial star, but see one side is difficult, Ling Yaoyao or some loss. As soon as Ling Xuan came back, he made a high-profile declaration of sovereignty on Weibo. This week, Ling Yaoyao was always teased by her classmates and relatives, lamella tube ,fine bubble diffuser, envying her happiness. But in fact, she was alone most of the time. I thought Ling Xuan would propose to her when he came back, but in fact Ling Xuan did not mention it as if he had forgotten it. The headquarters of the military region of the Imperial Capital Star is different from that of the border star region or the tower worm star region. Even the command room of the main warship can be visited by her at will. If it is not for special circumstances or the identity of a legal partner, even as Ling Xuan's "sister" and lover, she can't go to the military region dormitory to find him at will. She can only wait for Ling Xuan to finish his work and come to see her. Maybe he's just too busy with his business! I can understand, but Ling Yaoyao still has some resentment. Ling Xuan personally came to invite her to attend the general award ceremony, let Ling Yaoyao feel much better, it seems that he is still very concerned about and attach importance to her! Ling Xuan naturally saw the small mood of her own little girl, and could only comfort her by saying, "I will be free to accompany you more when I finish the general's medal ceremony." Ling Yaoyao didn't dare to expect too much. "Who wants you to accompany me?" He said duplicitously. Ling Xuan kissed the little girl's face in a funny way: "Well, I want you." In addition to Ling Yaoyao, Ling Xuan two people to grandfather, parents, also sent relatives and friends invitation tickets. As Ling Zhenghai and Ling Tianyue, they can attend without invitation tickets and will sit in the front row of VIP seats of the military region leaders, but Ling Xuan hopes that they will also attend the ceremony as relatives. Soon, the day of General Ling Xuan's medal ceremony arrived. This day is not a weekend. Fortunately, Ling Yaoyao has now reached the master level, which is comparable to the level of Master Cai Youhong. She has a lot more freedom in the Department of Dietotherapy. She only needs to take the exam at the end of each semester, and she can spend the rest of the time at her disposal. However, the fact that Ling Yaoyao had reached the master level was not widely publicized. Only Master Cai Youhong and his most important relatives and friends knew about it, and they still claimed that he was only a master.
After all, Tsai You-hung is currently the only master-level dietician in the empire. Apart from academic and research matters, every month he has to make supplementary food for many politicians and dignitaries. If Ling Yaoyao's true level is made public, I don't know how much trouble there will be. Even the announcement of her promotion to master dietician has shocked and amazed many people. Su Qinghe, who is also a master, has the same freedom in his schoolwork. Ling Yaoyao also has one more authority-as long as she is willing, she can take part in the remaining major examination checkpoints in advance at any time, as long as she passes the examination, she can graduate in advance. However, Ling Xuan and other family members do not recommend that Ling Yaoyao graduate so early, hoping that she can enjoy a longer period of campus life in school. Ling Yaoyao did not know that Ling Xuan's award ceremony was a live broadcast of the whole empire, but she also knew that the occasion was very important to Ling Xuan. She wore a rose-gold dress with a pair of simple and delicate high heels. She was also pulled by Shen Yunjin to her senior modeling studio to do her hairstyle and put on delicate and light makeup. Shen Yunjin is also dressed up, elegant and dignified, but with heart everywhere. On the flying car to the headquarters of the military region, Shen Yunjin's thoughtful tangled eyes made Ling Yaoyao a little too much. She always felt that Shen Yunjin seemed to have something to hide from her, so she stared at Shen Yunjin several times with doubtful eyes. Before Ling's parents have been pretending to know nothing about her and Ling Xuan's love affair, now the whole empire knows, Shen Yunjin actually did not express any opinion, which makes Ling Yaoyao a little perturbed, mother in the end is in favor or not very optimistic ah? Shen Yunjin wanted to kiss her daughter's tender face, but she was afraid of rubbing the makeup on her face, so she could only pinch her lovely little earlobe without wearing the earring. She smiled and said, "Your brother has a good eye. Fortunately, he started early." Ling Yaoyao suddenly even ears are smelling red, but still from Shen Yunjin's teasing words to hear the meaning of recognition. Emboldened,rapid sand filters, she asked Shen Yunjin in a low voice, "Mom, when did you know?" 。 khnwatertreatment.com
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