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Bought male nanny. (5th Dec 22 at 2:19am UTC)Quote Reply
"Come on, Dongsheng, do you think this posture is exciting?" While he was in the bathroom, Ding Chun was looking at the mess again. Don't look. Jiang Dongsheng confiscated her cell phone: "Be serious in class, Ding Chun." "I declare you a failure, Jiang Dongsheng." Ding Chun grabbed the pen and continued to write bitterly and bitterly. Her youth, ah, was spent playing with this. Oh Anyway, I will take any class in my life. I don't care about this class. If I want to fail, I will fail. After the long vacation, the drunken students returned to school with absent-minded faces. Chen Meili, who has been away for many days, has a dark complexion and has gone to the seaside for a holiday. Ding Chun, didn't you see the moments I posted? Why don't you give me a like? Chen Meili is pulling Ding Ying to gossip: "Dig Groove, go to the seaside to play with them this time, what do you guess I saw?" "Naked | man?" Ulva Ding looked askance. No, no, no. Chen Meili shrugged her shoulders and smiled, "I saw you and Jiang Xueba, and a handsome boy and two beautiful girls.". Super beautiful, super handsome, is that your friend? "Huh?"? Did you see that? What a coincidence! Ding Ying looked at her. "Why don't you come and say hello? We didn't see you. Who are you with?" Chen Meili says: "Who else can have,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, with respect to their that one vote." "I wanted to go over and say hello, but Xu Ai's bitch satirized me and said I was holding my thighs, but I was angry and quarreled with her!"! Just. I forgot to look for you. "This Xu Ai, how can you be so forced?" Ding Ying saw the girl last time, and her senses were not particularly good. Not to mention that Chen Meili is her classmate, as far as character is concerned, Chen Meili is absolutely easy to get along with and is a silly elder sister. That is, she pretended to be white,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, rich and beautiful all day and said that she would invite us to her seaside villa next weekend. Chen Meili sighed: "Feng Chen is really blind, sister I am the real white, rich and beautiful ah, I just low-key luxury is not foreign." Didn't you say they broke up last time? Haven't you divided yet? Ding said. Is to break up, so Xu Ai desperately in the recovery, what bad moves are out, mainly in the show of wealth. If Feng Chen continues to be with Xu Ai because of Xu Ai's ostentatious wealth, Chen Meili decides to change a male God to kneel and lick. There are ten minutes to start the exam, Ding Chunlin anxious to cram, although do not expect to be admitted to a class, but somehow do not test a shameful score. Chen Meili was so influenced by her that she hurriedly opened her books and buried herself in her memory. I took three exams in the morning, and after the exam, everyone was not good, and the classroom was full of sorrow. After all, Class Five are all study slackers, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, and this paper is very difficult for them. Ding Ying also did not open the road of learning hegemony because of the efforts of the eight or ten days. The blank is still blank, and the blind is still blind. But in good conscience, this paper is really done more smoothly, at least the topic can be understood. A few minutes before school was over, the teacher collected the papers. Ding Ying lay on the table to recover, and soon saw a pair of feet standing next to him. A certain brand of board shoes, back to B city to bring Jiang Dongsheng, he put on today, as good-looking as imagined. However, he is not the kind of boy who likes to dress himself up. So Ding Chun smiled, looked up along those legs, and whistled by the way: "So soon after school?" "Hand in your paper ahead of time." Jiang Dongsheng said. You go straight into our class, and everyone is watching you. Ding Ying looked around, and more than half of the students who stayed in the classroom were looking at Jiang Dongsheng. He has become more mature, and his temperament is a little different from before. No change is the same calm: "I don't mind, do you mind?" His eyes smiled, as if he were waiting for Ulva Ding to be jealous. Shit.. Chen Meili, her deskmate, was forced to eat the bowl of dog food: "Are you two progressing so fast?" These two have not been so sweet before, Jiang Xueba green with a little polite, Ding Chun students also appear to be casual. It's just a long vacation, and it feels like getting a certificate. What are you calling for? Ding Chun said, "Let's go to dinner with my sister and help you find the place." But before she left, the little sister raised her eyes and looked at Jiang Dongsheng: "How about it?" "All right," answered Jiang Dongsheng.
” He looked back at Ding Chun as if he didn't understand why she asked? Ding Chun was afraid that he was uncomfortable and did not like to socialize with others. In the same small restaurant, two groups of people arrived one after the other. Four people over there, three people over here. Ding Chun and Jiang Dongsheng clasped their hands and went in together, followed by Chen Meili, who was shaking a fan. The combination of these two handsome men and beautiful women can only be said to be eye-catching, although they are ordinary school uniform men and women, but the girl is white and elegant, the boy is tall and handsome, but also a pair of young lovers. See them again, in view of Ding Chun's mysterious identity, as well as Jiang Dongsheng's solitary personality, we are not familiar with these two people. It basically stays at the level of nodding acquaintance and distant view. Even Lu Yifan, a familiar person, has a sense of frustration that he can't get into it. And Chen Meili is quite special. She doesn't seem to have the feeling that her deskmate is unattainable. She feels that Ding Chun is easy to get along with. Hey, you guys are early! Chen Meili waved to them. Hey, here we go again. Ding Chun and Jiang Dongsheng went over and sat down. "Listen to Beauty. We met by chance on the beach that day." Everybody this just reacts to come over, say hello to each other at once, say next: "It is to see, see your person is quite much nevertheless, did not have the nerve to disturb." Lu Yifan explained shyly. Liu Yan knew the truth and coughed lightly without answering. Xu Ai herself, as well as her boyfriend Feng Chen, was the most affected by this unfriendly atmosphere. She was a little embarrassed. Chen Meili almost broke her face with Xu Ai that day. Xu Ai is also the favored daughter of heaven. She is a famous beauty in No.8 Middle School, and her family is well off. As soon as I was a sophomore in high school, I found Feng Chen to be my boyfriend, and I chased him for half a year before we got together. It can be seen that Feng Chen is also a reserved young man,304 Stainless Steel Wire, and now he wants to break up. Chen Meili likes Feng Chen, and as a girlfriend, Xu Ai has a clear mind. sxthsteel.com
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