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Theoretically feasible (5th Dec 22 at 2:23am UTC)Quote Reply
Major Jastt, Johnny.. The three men, Major Brown and Colonel Horman, did not know. Second, I was still suffering from the after-effects of being hypnotized by strange beasts, and I was suffering, so I just listened to what they said. Secretary Navin, Colonel Carter, and Captain Barratt, among others, all looked quizzical. As we all know, General Song has been fanatically worshipping Mo Ran, the almost mythical figure in history, since he was a teenager. And now arasugi because of brac. Mrs. Lin has raised such a daughter and admires her very much. Have reached the point of respect and love. This is really can not help but let people think more. Colonel Carter glared directly at her, but his grey eyes were too beautiful, clear as water in the night, to be intimidating, and Secretary Navin's eyes were full of helplessness and sympathy; General Song also looked at her twice more, probably feeling that the topic was not good to continue,outdoor whirlpool tub, so he ended his questioning of Arasugi and beckoned Jast to come over. Lan Shan does not move like a mountain, although she is always not easy to produce this kind of mood of embarrassment, but also feel that these eyes are very unnecessary. It's all about the nightmare star beast. He looked down at the Nightmare Star Beast at his feet, which was still being held in the arms of Captain Jenny. Nightmare star strange beast's body shape is like a vigorous big dog, the movement is also nimble, just now in the hand of Lan Shan is a small lightsaber, it dodges in time,jacuzzi swim spa, was only shallowly scratched, the injury is not serious, the reason why has been whining non-stop is because of being frightened. When Arasugi looked down at it, it had just been pacified by Captain Jenny, just in time to raise its wet round eyes and see Arasugi looking at it, it immediately fell to the bottom of its body, its stomach was completely close to the ground, only a short and thick tail dangled around, and its mouth made a purring sound, but this time it was not barking but full of ingratiation. The strange beast was raised by Captain Jenny, who reluctantly explained to Arasugi, "Breaking away from the hypnotic control of the Nightmare Star strange beast is the most direct and effective way to tame them. Bobby has been tamed by you, and he is showing his submission to you." Arasugi, endless pool swim spa ,best whirlpool tub, "Bobby?" Captain Jenny patted Nightmare's head lovingly. "Bobby's my name for it." Arashiyama then bent down and patted the dog's head with an expressionless face. "I have no place to raise it. It's illegal to take it back to Capital Star." Nightmare star strange beast was Lan Shan patted, immediately shook his head to express joy. Captain Jenny was satisfied with the answer. "Although he will be disappointed if you don't take him away, it doesn't matter. He will be fostered in Hibiscus. You can come and see him when you are free." General Song and his party had been prepared for the discomfort of Jast. Seeing that they had rested for so long but still could not recover by themselves, a guard came forward and gave each of them a powerful soothing agent. Finally, looking at Lan Shan, who looked as usual, he hesitated and did not know whether to send it to her. Colonel Carter said, "Major Arashiyama needs one, too." This powerful soothing agent should be specially formulated for the hypnotic sequelae of Nightmare Star Beast. It is very effective. Several people drank it and returned to normal in a short time. General Song stood in front of several people with a solemn face. His momentum was cold and grim. "I think you should all be very clear about the purpose of this training. Your previous performance in the Star Wars Army has won you a further opportunity.". I hope you won't let me down after getting this opportunity! You must understand that the core column of the Second Army Corps will always accept only the best soldiers! Several people stood at attention together. "Yes, General!" General Song changed the subject and his tone became more serious and cold. "Tonight is the first examination for you to enter the core column. To tell the truth, I am not satisfied. I am loose, slack and lack of vigilance!"! Your performance is mediocre, which is not the level of a member of the core column. Several people, in addition to Lan Shan's face unchanged, the other three all slightly lowered their heads. Although the Nightmare Star Beast was used to ensure the loyalty of the core column members, it is also an indisputable fact that they were accidentally controlled by the Beast on the way to the emergency assembly.
General Song's momentum at this time was completely different from usual. He was so cold and strong that he did not show any mercy. He pointed to a row of practice mecha standing on the sidelines. "As a punishment, each of them attacked 20 Biya and executed each other!" The three of them stood at attention again and saluted. "Yes, General!" He immediately turned around and strode to the practice mecha, each mounted one, and began to grind his teeth and execute twenty Biya attacks on each other. Arasugi stood still, she knew that Biya attack is a relatively simple but powerful action in the mecha action, Biya is the meaning of the fierce incarnation, can be called Biya's attack, naturally more ferocious. When he saw Major Jast's mecha standing still, Johnny. Major Brown's mecha knocks down again and again. When she got up harder and harder again, she understood the meaning of General Song's request for mutual execution-a disguised form of corporal punishment. General Song looked at Lan Shan lightly, his eyes were not very cold, but there was a moment of breathless pressure, "Major Lan Shan, I did not say you can be an exception!"! Although you finally broke away from the control of the Nightmare Star Beast, you only broke away, and you were still controlled by the Beast because of carelessness on the way to assembly. Lan Shan, "I have some objections to this, but I hope I can explain it separately at the end." General Song took a deep look at her, did not say yes, did not say no, after looking at the beginning to continue to look at the three people in the field who were carrying out Biya attacks on each other. Secretary Navin, Captain Bharat, and Captain Jeanne, who had risen, were all surprised and even worried. It was a very important moment. It was almost a ritual, a kind of exercise. After the ritual,indoor endless pool, the people who entered the core column would become the backbone of the Second Army. So it was a very serious moment. If you have any ideas, you should control yourself and wait until later. Captain Carter began to wink at Arasugi, who nodded slightly at him. monalisa.com
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