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Lotus Treasure Mirror (5th Dec 22 at 2:35am UTC)Quote Reply
Du Chen clenched his teeth, did not continue to fight, beckoned the bone, turned the lotus and flew out of the sea, but did not fly high, holding the star of Thuram high at a distance of more than ten meters from the sea, staring coldly at a large number of fish people rushing towards him. Want to get the relic back? Then come with me! I have prepared the door to hell for you, ready to set foot on the road to the afterlife. The fish people did not have much wisdom, and when they saw the star of Thuram, they went crazy. In an instant, all the fish people turned their heads in the direction of Port New and chased Du Chen with a scream! And the head of the fish man shouted, "Tell the clansmen in front to come back. The sacred object is here, not in Port New!"! Gather all the manpower, we must recapture the sacred object! On that day, the fish people came out in full force in pursuit of Adams and looted the passing Port of New. Today, they also came out in full force and chased Du Chen desperately! …… Port New, the coastal fortress! Potter looked at the sea quietly, a little more happy on his eyebrows! The attack of the fish people has begun to produce obvious changes, at first, although the fish people are disorderly, disorganized, chaotic attack on the coastal defense fortress, but their goal is the same-Port of New! But now, a considerable part of the fish people in the distance have turned around, boiling hands.
And the fish people on the front line also began to hesitate, in the chaos,10g Ozone Generator, many exceptionally strong fish people roared loudly, seemed to be greeting something, in their call, the fish people began to retreat. Or to another target! On the sea of mist, Du Chen led the fish man around and around, watching the distance of the fish man, but staring solemnly at the south of the sea of mist. If you want to create a huge explosion in the deep sea, there are too many things to consider, just the damage to the marine environment after the explosion, and how not to involve the East China Sea people,Ceramic Bobbin, you have to think in every way! But fortunately, he has a great convenience in his hands! Godchart! With the little prince's chart, Du Chen clearly knew that there was a huge submarine volcano in the deep sea fifty miles south of the Mist Sea, where natural disasters continued all the year round, which was not suitable for the survival of the sea people, so there were no intelligent creatures nearby, but there was a sea closure order issued by the King of the East China Sea in order to protect his people! Around the small half a day, Du Chen followed behind the fish people have been too many to count, silently calculate the time, enough! Du Chen plunged headlong into the sea, with the star of Thuram in hand, cutting the way through the bone, cutting the waves like a sword, and diving into the bottom of the deep sea! The fish man quickly surrounded him. Du Chen killed him again for a while. When the fish man surrounded him tightly, he suddenly gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. The lotus water shield enveloped himself and his bones on the lotus platform. He said in a cold voice, "Brother Wu, the rest.." It's all yours! Give it to me! This is nothing, as long as it doesn't explode inside, Kamado bbq grill ,Alumina Ceramic C795, it's nothing! It's nothing! The voice of the fifth brother's fart came back. Boom! Everything began. On the pale blue mist-shrouded sea, a wave suddenly rose high, with a radius of nearly 1000 meters, as if an invisible mountain rose from the bottom of the sea, driving the nearby sea water to the sky. Then, layers of huge waves spread in all directions, and the waves became higher and higher, forming one of the most terrible natural disasters in the ocean, the tsunami! Three hundred miles from Port New, the tsunami should have been weakened a lot by the time it got there, and Porter was ready to deal with it. Close your eyes tightly, Du Chen's chest is tight, his throat is dry, his heart is heavy, faintly, there is a trace of excitement! This feeling is not from the Big Bang, although the vibration is strange, in fact, it is still very common! But this kind of feeling is very strange, as if unloaded a heavy burden, suddenly relaxed ten million times, but, there is something on the heart pressure, and as if, his heart more than something. What's more? Du Chen was not clear at the moment, but there was a trace of joy in his boning heart-with this baptism, from today on, what the young master will do in the future will inevitably bring a trace of ruthless and decisive taste! That's good, isn't it? "One flower, one world." The voice of the old monk chanting sutras in his mind suddenly became louder, like a loud bell buzzing, which made Du Chen's brain wake up at once. At this time, the voice of the fifth elder brother also came, "What are you still waiting for?"? Let's go! Why the hell did you pick an undersea volcano to detonate? Now that volcano has been triggered by an explosion! You are not afraid of the explosion of the undead, but you can't resist the volcanic magma now! "I know!" Du Chen suddenly shook his head and urged the lotus to rush out of the sea, but at that moment. Boom! Another explosion-like upheaval occurred, but this time, the explosion occurred in Du Chen's mind, to be exact, in the Lotus Primordial God! "Ah!" Du Chen covered his head and struggled to shout, "Brother Wu, you're taking over all the holy vessels for the time being. Damn it, what's going on?" He had a splitting headache and his eyes were full of blood, but it was not worth mentioning. What really made Du Chen miserable was that his Lotus Primordial God was also trembling! "Oh, I'm sorry!" The fifth brother suddenly laughed, "I forgot to tell you that you killed most of the fish people this time, these guys.." Laowu was verbose and spoke with some pride.
"Cut the crap and make it simple!" Du Chen drinks a way, the pain is unbearable! In a word, the good deed you did this time seems a little too big. Too many benefits come together, you can't eat, hold on! </div> Chapter 255 of the main text too many benefits. … Are you stuffed? Five elder brother of this metaphor can only let Du Chen wry smile unceasingly, seems to be a big good news! Du Chen endured a headache and just wanted to check the changes in his body, but along with the headache, his bones all over his body also ached, as if they had been broken and reconnected, "bone removal.." Before he had finished speaking, he fell headlong on the lotus platform,ceramic bobbin heater, fainted, and lost consciousness completely! …… Time did not know how long, Du Chen clenched his fist in a daze. No feeling. No feeling at all! Where's my hand. global-ceramics.com
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