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Modern Rebirth of the Female Protagonist--Shallow (5th Dec 22 at 3:10am UTC)Quote Reply
I stayed for a moment, Lin Xiaomei knew this, this is not surprising, after all, her cousin is Lin Yifan, so I nodded, suddenly, two screams sounded in my ears, I lowered my head and began to turn over the book, I knew it would be like this. The screams of the two women drew countless eyes, and after they screamed, they pulled me and kept asking this and that, looking like crazy. I glanced at the initiator, but saw her head down, white and tender fingers on the phone kept pressing, playing happily. Why doesn't the teacher come? I couldn't stand the strange eyes around me. I frowned and stared at the door. At that moment, the late teacher appeared at the door of the classroom. Finally, the ears are clean and the whole body is comfortable. After all, the teacher of this course, if the students in the class are a little absent-minded, he will be given zero points in peacetime. At noon, Liu Xuan and I had a meal. Qiu Bin and yuan Hao didn't know what to do and didn't come. On the way back to the dormitory after dinner, my cell phone rang. I thought it was Duan Jin's. I picked up the phone happily and opened my mouth sweetly, but Qin Xikang's voice came from the other end. Shallow. Where are you now? "School." Leng for a long time, although I feel puzzled, I still answered. The other end of the phone was silent for a long time. I was about to ask when a clear laugh came through the phone. Shallow,heavy duty cantilever racks, have you had lunch? Well, you.. What can I do for you? What happened to Qin Xikang? He became so strange. Can't I care about my daughter? Qin Xikang laughed, but immediately paused, the tone became serious, "shallow, why don't you call me dad?"? I don't care if you don't call me father by blood, but in a few months, your mother and I will get married. Isn't there still a few months to go? It's not too late to call again then. I chuckled. Shallow is not good, good, I wait for you for a few months. Qin Xikang paused and solemnly said,drive in racking system, "Shallow, don't get too close to Lin Yifan in the future. That boy is not right." "What happened to him?" "Shallow, listen to your father." Qin Xikang did not answer me, but learned the voice of Crayon Shin-chan, "otherwise he would be taken away by the strange uncle." I finally couldn't help chuckling. Are you too idle? My mother has been very busy with the company recently! Why don't you care about her? "Don't worry, my good daughter." Qin Xikang's voice returned to normal, "I have solved it.". All right, I won't talk to you. Remember what I said. Don't get too close to Lin Yifan. Although I don't understand why Qin Xikang repeated so much, I nodded, "I know." Don't get too close to Ivan Lin? It seems that if I don't get close to Lin Yifan, he will come to me automatically. Shaking his head helplessly, I looked at the man who came slowly towards me, with his lips slightly hooked, "Lin Yifan, you're here." The autumn of amnesia Black shirt, black jeans, red T-shirt, red board shoes. I squinted and looked at the people who were getting closer and closer, warehouse storage racks ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, only to discover the fact that Ivan Lin liked the combination of red and black, and I had never seen him wear clothes other than red and black. What a.. A strange man. Shallow, listen to you say that, seems to be waiting for me? Lin Yifan smiled enchanting and stood idly in front of me. Have you finished your meal? I raised my eyebrows and ignored his teasing. Not yet. Lin Yifan suddenly curled his lips and said with grievance. ……” I'm speechless. He doesn't want me to have dinner with him, does he? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, he did think so and said it. With shallow company, I can eat well. Beauty is also delicious. The boastful words were spoken by him, but they were still so righteous, natural and justified. I was speechless for a long time, beauty? Beautiful and delicious? It's enough to take a mirror and look at himself. But although I didn't want to, I finally couldn't stand Lin Yifan's enchanting smile, which said "If you don't accompany me, I will starve to death" and went to the Western restaurant outside B University with him.
Just, although Qin Xikang said let me stay away from Lin Yifan, but also did not explain the reason, and in my eyes, Lin Yifan in addition to shallow son that secret, there is nothing wrong. I comfort myself so much in my heart. Everything was normal, I sat opposite Lin Yifan reading, ordering, serving, Lin Yifan eating quietly. When I was bored with reading, the waiter suddenly came over, and the red and yellow wine in the transparent goblet on the tray in her hand was sparkling in the noon sun, which dazzled my eyes. Miss, this is the autumn of your amnesia. The waiter came over and respectfully took the drink off the tray and brought it to me. Are you sure it's mine? I didn't order it. I threw my confused eyes to Lin Yifan, but he nodded, "I gave you some." "Thank you." I nodded, this kind of red and yellow interlaced and incompatible juice is really rare. The autumn of amnesia? That's a strange name, but? I frowned. "Is this wine?" "No." Lin Yifan shook his head with a smile. "You'll know if you taste it." It's not wine? I picked up the cup curiously, put it to my mouth, took a sip, a sour, frowned, looked at Lin Yifan, "it's lemon.." After careful consideration, I added, "And.." Grape Sweet and sour, the juice is filtered in the mouth, swallowed into the throat, and the sour, sweet and astringent slowly disappears. "Mmm." Lin Yifan nodded gently, seductive blue eyes fixed on me, "Some people say that love is juice, sweet but not greasy, nutritious, this cup of amnesia autumn, with lemon and grape two raw materials.." Lemon is green, grape is deep, like love, although it has such a bright color, it seems to catch people's hearts, but after drinking it can not make people unforgettable, everything is just.. It's just a passing cloud. I was in a daze, my heart rose to give up, and I lowered my head to drink again. When the cup was about to reach my mouth,mobile racking systems, Lin Yifan's seductive blue eyes flashed imperceptibly, and at that moment, a stand bell interrupted my movements. jracking.com
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